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In the hands of an artist, a camera becomes a powerful instrument through which she can create something fine and real, something both unique and universally reflective of humanity.

Through the artist, the camera has the power to teach, to show, to change minds, indeed, to change the world.

And that is exactly what we see on the pages of this issue. Displayed across 76 glorious pages, Click & Company’s 2017 Voice Collection comprises 210 masterful images from photographers around the world. These 210 moving photographs tell stories of trial and triumph, loss and perseverance, suffering and joy, love and light, people and place — in sum, what it was like to be alive in 2017.

And for the first time since we launched Voice, we present a peek inside the making of several of these images, as told by the photographers themselves. As you view these images and read their stories, do so knowing — and really feeling — our gratitude for you.

This issue is dedicated to the innovators, warriors, dreamers, visionaries, leaders, and artists who make us laugh, cry, think, feel, and imagine. We celebrate and honor you — the people you are, the stories you tell with your camera, the moments you capture, your vision, and a collection of voices that deserve to be heard. 

- Click Magazine 

oct/nov issue 2017

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basic invite - up and coming photographers to watch this year

Let's have a chat. Go grab a cup of coffee (no really, go do it!) and get comfortable. I want to share something from the heart with you. First, before we delve into that story, let me share a little bit about myself.

My name is Tanya Lyn and I am a very proud wife and mother of two. I have owned Belly Glow Photography studio since 2010 when we first launched! I live with my family in Oceanside, California and would never dream of moving! I love everything about my sleepy little town by the sea.

My brand is focused around everything motherhood. Newborn, Maternity, Mommy & Me, Nursing Mothers, Fresh 48, and Family sessions are all part of what we offer at Belly Glow...