They Are My Why


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Why do I believe strictly in print?

I will never forget the moment I realized I had absolutely no photographs of my first born. Not a single reflection of her within my tummy while we whispered sweet nothings to her. No images of her 10 tiny toes and 10 tiny hands as they barely wrapped around my pinky finger. The only image I managed to acquire was a single 4x6 snapshot of her seconds after she entered the world. Within the first 5 years of her life that snapshot was lost. I will never be able to sit down with her and flip through the old family photo album sharing her family roots with her. This experience compelled me to pick up my camera and use it to serve parent's just like you! I don't want you to look back 20 years from now filled with regret as I was. I don't want you to send your kids off to college with nothing displayed on your walls reflecting all the selfless sacrifices you've made to ensure they're success. Belly Glow Photography does not want to "sell" you a piece of paper with ink, or an unreliable disc with images that will probably never see the light of day. Our families deserve to be remembered better than that! Raising our kids is a lifetime investment! Why invest so little into preserving the best memories of our lives, our reason for pursuing the future! That's why we use Natural Media Products Rising from the Earth. We provide our families with high end packaging and fine art albums made from natural resources and green materials. Our prints are made of Japanese Washi Fibers coated with a muted metallic texture making them feel like fabric in your hands. Belly Glow Photography cares about our community and their families. Life is tough and without our families by our side walking through it with us, life would not be bearable. So let us capture those tender moments with you! Let's honor our families together by preserving our memories with the utmost care.