Alphabet Train

Yesterday I gathered 5 extremely large trash bags full of maternity and infant clothing from within my home. The plan was to exchange / sell them at the local baby resale boutique. 

The clerk explained to me that they were a bit over stocked and were only purchasing clothing that is in near new condition and weather appropriate for the season. That being said I figured I would get quite a bit store credit considering everything was very, very gently used winter wear.

Sadly, I was very mistaken.  The boutique was so overstocked that I walked away with a measly $15 store credit and 5 huge bags of clothing I still need to donate.  While waiting for our store credit to be updated, the clerk offered Kailani a V-Tech Alphabet Train. She had noticed that Kailani had not stopped playing with it since we arrived. 

Point to the story?  I arrived disappointed, and left excited! My little one was blessed with a new toy that would have otherwise cost $45 at our local toy store.

So next time it looks like things are not working out your way, hang on. There just might be a beautiful surprise just around the corner.

Saying goodbye to WindandSea's iconic shack.

Saying goodbye to WindandSea's iconic shack.

Rain, Rain, go away. Come again some other day...