Zombie Mommy

My little Kai bird has finally begun sleeping through the night this week! Thank you Jesus! (insert ecstatic prayer hands here) I've been looking forward to this big moment for the last 10 months!  Craving it! Praying for it! Now that it's finally here, I find myself a total mess. I mean like walking zombie mom kind of mess. 

Even after this new miraculous change in our lives, and yes I do mean miraculous (you other mothers know exactly what I mean) I still can't get enough sleep! What is going on? I feel like I'm dragging myself around more than ever. I have begun to take small cat naps during the day and I never take naps. Like...ever. (It's a military thing) 

I've begun drinking coffee like water and my head is so groggy.  Maybe it's my body trying to make up for the months of sleep deprivation. Who knows! But man I hope I get my energy back soon! Until then, my house will be just a bit messier than before, the laundry baskets will be just a little bit fuller, and take out food will be on the menu just little bit longer. 

When did your little begin sleeping through the night? What was your "zombie mommy" moment like?

Baby Duke!