Take a Hike with Your Furry BFF

Take a Hike with Your Furry BFF

I am constantly finding the desire to get back to basics, simplify and connect with nature. Who could blame me after all, I have the privilege of calling the Pacific Northwest Coast my home.

As women we are surrounded by so much stuff competing for our time – our children, our spouse, the cell phone, social media, Email, work, family and friends, the PTA and people who need something from us, etc.

Getting out in the woods and unplugging, even for a few hours, can get us away from the noise and allow us to relax and spend time connecting with nature and more importantly, ourselves again.

Here’s 7 reasons why you should get out and hike with your furry BFF!

  1. A Tired Dog is A Good Dog.

    Your dog will be tuckered out when you get home and more interested in sleeping than getting into the garbage or barking at every leaf that blows by your house. Not too mention the process of house training is sped up dramatically. Great news for you both! Your pup will have many opportunities to fully relieve themselves during your walk, meaning less accidents for you to clean up in the home.

adventure in the woods

2. Adventuring in the Woods is A Great Workout Without the Work.

Your focus will be on the beauty of nature and your dog’s enjoyment rather than how hard you are huffing and puffing. You will feel awe inspired left and right as you take in your surroundings and are both reminded just how great and wide the world around you truly is!

3. You and Your Dog Will Bond and Learn to Trust Each Other More.

Take it from me, something magical happens when you and your dog are alone in the woods together. you learn more about your dog’s behavior and limits and they look to you for guidance. They too learn about yours and will gain an ability to alert you to dangers around you, and or your own limits physically. In a way your dog will almost begin to synchronize with you.


4. You Gain a New Perspective.

Certain things on the trail catch your eye. Certain things on the trail will catch your dog’s eye (and nose). Those probably won’t be the same thing so you can experience the trail the way your dog sees it. A simple log or a stump that you would have otherwise passed by without so much as a single glance might cause you to stop and gaze in wonder at it’s design and how it came to be.

5. Safety

Although in most areas you have little to fear when hiking—either from wild animals or human threats—having your dog with you still provides reassurance in case something unusual were to happen. Even if your pup isn’t fierce by personality or breed, wildlife like bears and mountain lions shy away from encountering dogs, and they can scare off human dangers as well. As Outside Magazine points out, in many areas animal control departments train wildlife to fear dogs, so you should definitely feel safer with your pup by your side.

6. Feeling Stressed Out?

The color blue is known to have a calming, sedative effect and the green is soothing and refreshing. Both colors are abundant in the outdoors. All of the fresh air you’ll both inhale doesn’t hurt either, not to mention the sweet silence. I remember the first time I hiked in the PNW and noticed I couldn’t hear a freeway anywhere? I actually teared up because I had forgotten how beautiful silence was.


7. You Never Know Who You’re Going to Meet Out There!

Last but not least ladies, hiking and getting outdoors with your pup is a surefire way to meet new people! There are so many groups on social media these days for single hikers, mommy hikers, and just outdoor meet ups in general. You may just end up find that special someone for you…and your pup too! I know I did.

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