Are  You a "Good Enough" Photographer?

Are You a "Good Enough" Photographer?

Yes, you are.

Believe in yourself

Follow your desire to be the professional photographer you desire to be

What drives you?

If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you to your purpose." - T.D. Jakes

The Oprah Effect

First work to earn money and gain experience.

Then as earn and learn, you shift directions to meaning.

So how do I battle my insecurities?

You usually know more than you client.

Everyone has insecurities - the difference between successful people are that they simply get over them and go on anyway.

Surround yourself with like minded people. I can't not stress this enough!  When I first began to follow my dream I had far more critics than I did supporters. Even family members would say things like "get a real job" or "you are living in a dream world, only a few actually make a living good enough to support a family as a photographer" and on and on.  Did I listen to them? Yes. Did it benefit me or make me excel toward my goals? NO. Big...FAT...NO. Eventually I sought out other photographers in my community. I shadowed other photographers and second shot for many events in order to develop my skill. I also gained a large group of friends who became like family. Through their encouragement and know-how I was able to begin finding my own voice.  I grew my business step-by-step and I continue to. Ironically the very same family members who once said I was a "dreamer" and needed to stop playing around and get serious, have all since hired me! I have captured weddings, engagements, many family sessions and more for the same individuals who once doubted me. 

Do NOT compare yourself to other photographers

DO NOT copy. You are creative! You are inventive! So don't copy when you can show the world your individuality! 

Continue your education (ie creativeLIVE, videos, in person workshops, etc.)

YOU are the professional.

YOU are being paid to direct and shoot.

YOU have to trust your vision and release it.

YOU need to be in control - don't let the shoots control you.


Now go get it!




Oh my little, please don't grow up to fast

Oh my little, please don't grow up to fast

What Should I Wear?

What Should I Wear?