In the last few months I have become obsessed...obsessed with all things photo prop!  I especially love all the creative DIY idea's out there!  Pinterest has recently become my new love affair again!  Photogs! Seriously...get on pinterest! To be honest, I've never been drawn to newborn or maternity photography in the past. I was pulled in by portrait and weddings. My second pregnancy nearly 13 years after my first, was a complete game changer! It's ironically true. Our experiences can shape who we are. Whether that be for the better or not, is entirely up to you.

Newborn DIY Tepee & Bird Nest Prop ©Tanya Lynn, Belly Glow Photography 2015

Newborn DIY Tepee & Bird Nest Prop ©Tanya Lynn, Belly Glow Photography 2015

Since my blog is all about keeping it ridiculously real with you, (KIRR) I wanted to share my first prop design...ever. This morning I will be capturing my very first posed newborn session. Of course I've captured many "lifestyle" newborns, but never purposely posed with an intentional theme. Tomorrow I will be shooting in my client's home with their handsome little 8 day old!  So tiny!  Gah!  I just love babies!  I constantly want to "squish" my little kailani. She's now 9 months old so she's even squishier than she was as a new born! Win!

So after lots of running around to Michael's Craft store, Ross, Target, and a few other small stops, I came up with a few very sweet, but very simple ideas. Below are the end results.

The entire cost of the project was around $60. I wanted to share my finds and idea's because It is through the creative minds of other fellow photographers that I find my inspiration. It seems only right to "pass it on."

If you would like to give this prop design a whirl, you can find the materials I used here:

Materials Used:

6 - Cherry stained bamboo rods $19.00 at Michael's

1 - 6' long three chord rope $4.99 at Michael's

1 - Stick wreathe $34.00 at Michael's

1 - Hot glue gun

1 - Sm bag of pastel clam shells $1.00 at Dollar Tree

1 - Sea Star - $5.99 at Michael's


1 - White Baby Swaddle