10 Unexpected Ways to Unwind After a Long Day with the Kids

10 Unexpected Ways to Unwind After a Long Day with the Kids

1. Find Your Creative Flow

I recently took up acrylic painting. I was visiting a friend after a very long week and saw their daughter painting with acrylics on a small canvas. She painted me a mermaid, I remember thinking “wow! She’s only 10 and she made this incredible work of art! Surely I can make something beautiful.” Next you know about a month later I now have a small space set aside just to paint when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just need to clear my head for minute. I now have beautiful canvases around my home of my own art work and it feels amazing.

2. Make Faces!

Kailani my youngest, making silly faces at me right after throwing a tantrum over not getting something at the Disney store.

Kailani my youngest, making silly faces at me right after throwing a tantrum over not getting something at the Disney store.

Yes, that’s what I said. Have you ever just plopped down on your couch after a long conversation that left you feeling drained and then for no reason at all began making silly faces to no one at all. Trust me, it works! Sometimes if I’m a little stressed out, I’ll just start making faces at my kids or friends. Make them long enough, and you can’t stop laughing. It’s a great way to give the mind a little emotional switch!

3. Clean & Declutter

Now this one sounds a bit strange considering we’re referring to Mother’s witch children, so the idea of cleaning and decluttering can seem like an uphill and pointless battle. It’s all about timing really. I find that when my kids go away for a weekend at Grandma’s I can finally deep clean a bit or make my desk pretty, it gives me a sense of accomplishment again and makes me actually want to sit down and create!

4. Try Aromatherapy

I have to admit, I used to make fun of this stuff. Then one week after a moment of desperation to sleep, I caved and bough a defuser and some peppermint oil. WOW! I slept like a baby! To really make the most of your senses, turn your home into a relaxing sanctuary with a scented candle or some relaxing essential oils. Some good essential oils for relaxation include camomile, lavender, neroli, bergamot and ylang ylang. Use these oils to aid relaxation by adding a couple of drops to a bath, burning in an oil burner, or adding (sparingly) to water to use as a room spray or skin spritzer or add to your defuser.

5. Steal A Hug

I recently watched a really interesting video on youtube about women and their physical health when it comes to hugs. You can watch it here: Women Need to Be Hugged Once A Day For Their Health. I showed it to my boyfriend and let me say, he makes it a point to hug me as often as possible, I can honestly say I feel happier and healthier since being lavished with so many hugs recently. Our kids are a great source for snuggles! It’s a win win for us all! So go hug someone next time your feeling a little worn.

6. Blog

I know when I first started my photography business, I had no idea that blogging would be such a huge part of it. For starters, I hate writing, or at least I did. Then I found something I am passionate about, photographing babies and my children. I realized that I actually have a lot to say, and I want to share it with the world. While journaling is a great way to get things out of your head onto paper where you can make some sense of it, there is something completely gratifying about writing something down for others to read. Perhaps this year you can start a mommy blog of our own and document your year as a mother. You have no idea how many people you may reach and help just by sharing your own story!

7. Play the Uke!

Ok so I’m a little bias to this one as me and my girls all play the Ukulele. It’s very easy to learn and and great way to spend some quality time with those you love. Sometimes when I finally get some me time and I’m all alone I’ll even write a funny little song or two about the crazy stuff that went on during my day. I have never picked up my Uke, played it and still felt grumpy or stressed. It’s never happened. I always put it down with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

8. Take a Walk and Dream Big!

Sounds a bit odd perhaps, but next time your wrapping up the end of a day, ask someone to watch the littles just before sunset and take a short walk around the block, or even drive to your favorite spot on the beach and day dream. It’s so important to remember to TAKE, and yes I mean TAKE time out for yourself each day. You are only your best you, when your 100% you! Feel me? So go head, go take a walk and let those dreams flow! You never know, you just might come back home inspired to start something great this year!

9. Go Explore the Tide Pools without the Kids.

Living by the beach, I am definitely a bit spoiled. My kids LOVE walking the tide pools and playing with all the little creatures they can find. But have you ever gone alone? Just you. Explored the starfish and really studied it’s 5 beautiful lines, or touched the soft sea urchin as it waves back and forth beneath the tide. Just the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks is enough to begin to loosen every nerve and all the tight muscles in your shoulders and neck. Sometimes all we need is a change of environment to relax. If you’ve spend a busy chaotic day with the kiddos, try ending the day with no one around, outside of your home.

10. Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Who says you have to wait for anyone to bring you flowers? Sometimes we just need to love on ourselves ladies! So today after that long day at work, before you go pick up the kids from day care, swing by the florist and buy yourself a lovely bunch. When you get home display them where you will see them when you first wake up! They will be a great start to the day and make you smiles as you get ready for it!

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